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About the company

CryptoDo is a no-code platform for creating web3 applications based on blockchain. We help companies and web2 projects improve their business models by introducing smart contracts into business processes.

CryptoDo enables anyone to launch their own smart contract in as little as 5 minutes, in compliance with international standards and without the need for any programming skills.

Smart contract is a program that runs on the blockchain

How it works

  • 1
    Connecting your walletConnect one of the supported crypto wallets
  • 2
    Choosing a blockchainChoose the blockchain: BSC, Ethereum or Polygon
  • 3
    Choosing the type of smart contractChoose the type of contract to create: NFT, ERC-20 or ICO
  • 4
    Building a smart contract functionalityFill in the required data and select additional functionality
  • 5
    DeployingDeploy your contract on testnet or mainnet with one click
  • 6
    EnjoyUse the created smart contract for your business or personal purposes


  • SimplicityWith CryptoDo, anyone with no technical skills can create their own smart contract takes a few minutes, using the service user-friendly interface.
  • SecurityCryptoDo users get a ready-made secure solution “out of the box“. All the designer's contracts pass the best audits.
  • Low costBy automating the process of creating smart contracts, you will be saving on expensive blockchain developer services.

Which blockchains does CryptoDo support


Coming in Q3 2023
TOKEN DISTRIBUTIONThe CDO is the basic token of the CryptoDo project.CDO is accepted as payment for all services for the creation of smart contracts in the CryptoDo service. The demand for token is thus on the raising and this leads to an increase in its exchange value.All CDO tokens received as payment are burned and completely withdrawn from circulation. So ,there is a constant reduction of the available emissions.This makes the CDO token a deflationary asset.
CDO token is a deflationary asset
Exchanges (2%)Marketing / bonuses (20%)Advisiors / partners (5%)Staking reward (10%)Reserve (10%)Public sale (IDO) (2%)Pre-seed (5%)Private sale (15%)Ecosystem (15%)Team (16%)Exchanges (2%)Marketing / bonuses (20%)Advisiors / partners (5%)Staking reward (10%)Reserve (10%)Public sale (IDO) (2%)Pre-seed (5%)Private sale (15%)Ecosystem (15%)Team (16%)

CryptoDo is a community-driven project

50% of CryptoDo income will be distributed between CDO holders.Part of the company's revenue goes to profit-sharing pools (staking) and is distributed among token holders.Also all CDO holders will have the right to vote to participate in project management.Thus CryptoDo will be managed in the DAO (decentralized Autonomous organization) format.

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Bogdan BorodinCEO
Vladimir ZalevskiCTO
Alex MelushevCBO
Mohammad SuhebBlockchain developer
Oleksandr YavorskyiLead developer
Max CocevCommunity Builder
Vlad OvsiankoFrontend developer
Krishna KumarBusiness development
Greg MeltonBlockchain full stack developer